Tai Wind Alpacas

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Keeping Alpacas

Tai Wind Alpacas

Land and Fences

Fields must be secure for Alpacas. No barbwire. post and rails or Sheep/Pig wire is best and a hedge provides a good windbreak.

Design your paddocks so that you can manage your animals with ease. Well positioned handling pens will make life a lot easier for you.

Ragwort, Rhododendron, Laburnum, Yew Laurel are all poisonous plant sand should not be grown anywhere near your field.

A good Supply of water should always be available. Alpacas have padded feet and depending how many on the type of land and drainage 5-6 Alpacas can be kept on 1 acre but to fence half off would enable you to rotate your animals and keep the field in good condition.

Additional Feed

Good grazing in summer and good quality hay given ad lib in the winter, you could also feed Lucerne during the winter months.

Supplement Feed

Camilibra has the extra vitamins, minerals and trace elements which are needed to help balance the ferage. Alpacas are ruminate herbivores and natural browsers spending a lot of time eating grass and chewing cud.

Tai Wind Alpacas