Tai Wind Alpacas

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Tai Wind Alpacas


Toenails continue to grow all year round and should be inspected on a regular basis. If left too long they will curl round and make walking uncomfortable. Lighter coloured Alpacas seem to grow quicker than dark ones.


Minor trimming once a year maybe needed. They only have a lower set of teeth which meet on a hard upper pad. They don't bite but will spit if provoked. The shearer will do this for you at shearing time.


A clostridial injection is needed every 6 months to protect them from this disease. Alpacas need to be wormed, depending on any signs internal or external (please consult your vet about dosage). ADE injections are needed in winter months (Sept/March) as sun light is very limited.


Your Alpacas should be shorn once a year from May to July. Shearers travel the country with their equipment and will shear a few people close together. It should take 15-20 mins per Alpaca (Suris sometimes sheared every 2 years)

Record Keeping

Should always be kept together. Registration, ear tag numbers, microchipping sire and dam, mating and vaccination dates, medical problems etc.

Tai Wind Alpacas