Tai Wind Alpacas

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Our Aim

Tai Wind Alpacas

Selecting the best black alpacas for our foundation herd, that we can source, helps increase the standard of the dense fine fleece with great crimp which is essential for the future of a fibre herd. Using the best prize winning black stud males who produce great offspring will enable us to continue this generation after generation. The effect of this improvement in quality in black alpacas can most clearly be seen in the show ring. Although our herd is predominately black, other dark colours are also available. We have introduced some elite genetics and with good breeding we have a new line of browns. We now have some fabulous light and dark browns which will enhance our herd greatly. We always have a few females for sale each year and over the last few years we have run out of stock for sale.

All this, of course, is meaningless unless you have healthy and strong animals. We pride ourselves in the fact that all our animals are friendly and easy to handle. The alpaca farming industry is very strong and even a small herd will grow in a few years and the current prices reflect the high demand for quality breeding stock becoming a long term financial investment.

A friendly welcome awaits, and for those newcomers wishing to involve themselves in the world of alpacas, we offer backup and advice, help and assistance.


We have a high standard of biosecurity to minimise risk of diseases on our farm. All mating are done in a concrete area near the car park, away from our alpacas we keep head collars on the females to stop them spitting. We wash down mating area after each use we have had no other alpacas on our land (apart from our import stud male) we ask all visitors to use disinfectant foot dips.

Tai Wind Alpacas